My Innovation Services

An expansive suite of innovation services tailored to unlock your innovation capacity so you could secure your future.


Frame to Impact

Creating the Right Conditions for Innovation

  • Innovation Audit / Assessment
  • Independent Administrator
  • Minimal Innovation Lab


Inspire to Dare

Igniting Inspiration and Courage for Innovation

  • Innovation Strategy Sprint
  • Innovation Strategic Foresight
  • Design Fiction
  • Innovation Opportunity Identification
  • Keynote Speaking

Idea Speed Launch

Turning Vision into Reality with Swiftness

  • Innovation Exploration
  • Innovation Experiment
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Sprint
  • Workshop Facilitation


Sustain to Empower

Igniting and Fostering Empowered Innovators

  • Intrapreneurship Program
  • Open Innovation Program
  • Innovation Training
  • Innovation Masterclass
  • Innovation Mentoring
  • Innovation Coaching


Manage Transitions

Navigating Innovation Transitions Smoothly

  • Transitional Chief Innovation Officer
  • Transitional Innovation Manager

Every [r]evolution starts with a spark !

Consultant | Trainer | Coach | Facilitator | Speaker

For Corporates & Teams

Independent Administrator

Transitional Chief Innovation Officer

Transitional Innovation Manager

Innovation Capacity Diagnostic

Advising & Coaching

Innovation Lab Set-Up

Innovation Programs

Training Programs

Workshop Facilitation

Keynote Speaking

For Individuals

Training & Masterclass

Coaching & Mentoring







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