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🧐 ANOTHER innovation expert? Not really... Ex-French Air Force officer turned innovation professional, I make innovation a thrilling, enjoyable journey infused with daring creativity and unwavering team synergy. 🚀

From Weapon System Officer

To Professionnal Innovator

Originating from France, my journey has been one of continuous learning and humble pursuits. As a child, I was captivated by the skies, dreaming of navigating the vast expanses. This passion led me to my first professional calling as a Weapon System Officer on fighter jets in the French Air Force. The thrill of soaring and the discipline of the military carved a resilience in me that would become the bedrock of my professional ethos.

Yet, as one dream was realized, another took shape - the dream of founding a family. This led me to make the difficult decision of leaving the French Air Force, finding a new home in Switzerland, and embarking on a second career as an innovation professional.

My experience in military aviation, combined with my academic background in innovation at EPFL and Stanford University, has given me a unique perspective on innovation - one that is both pragmatic and ambitious. Since 10+ years, I'm navigating with ease between the dynamic worlds of startups and corporate innovation. I strive to bring together the best of both worlds to realize ambitious visions. My mission? Unleashing the hidden innovation potential within your teams and your company to secure a thriving future.

My Mantra

"Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality."

- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

My Impact

🏆 10+ international awards

💪 50+ accelerated projects

🧪 5 innovation systems and 2 startups created

👩‍🎓 1500+ people trained in innovation

🥰 Delighted clients: Mike Horn, EHL, Nestlé, Valentine, HES-SO, tl, Incyte, Groupe e, Mazars, Unil, Vaudoise Assurances, Innovaud, Liip, Aéroport de Genève, Clinique de La Source, etc.

Ready to innovate together? Don't wait, let's talk!

Every [r]evolution starts with a spark !

Consultant | Trainer | Coach | Facilitator | Speaker


[email protected]

+41 76 607 91 18

Lausanne, Switzerland

My Innovation Services

Innovation Audit / Assessment

Independent Administrator

Minimal Innovation Lab

Innovation Strategy Sprint

Innovation Strategic Foresight

Design Fiction

Innovation Opportunity Identification

Innovation Exploration

Innovation Experiment

Design Thinking

Design Sprint

Workshop Facilitation

Intrapreneurship Program

Intrapreneurship Program

Innovation Training

Innovation Masterclass

Keynote Speaking

Innovation Mentoring

Innovation Coaching

Transitional Chief Innovation Officer

Transitional Innovation Manager

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