French by birth and pioneer by adoption, I have honed my innovator’s skills in the technological and social fields. My guiding principle: designing the most exciting environment so anyone could have a massive impact with his/her ideas.


    Holder of a master's degree in mechanics and microtechnologies from the ENSMM, I began my professional career as a weapon system officer on fighter planes in the French Air Force for 4 years. In 2012, I joined Switzerland to start my innovator career.


    After obtaining my Executive MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation from the EPFL, a certification of "Doing Business in China" from Peking University, and a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University, I became the LEMO Group's Innovation Manager in 2014. In less than 4 years, I managed to set up an innovation ecosystem allowing the LEMO group to be internationally recognized for its innovation capably, notably by winning an innovation prize in 2017 against Pepsi and Philips.


    Nowadays, my time is spread between my position as head of innovation at La Ruche tl (the innovation platform of the public transportation of Lausanne) and my freelance activities.


    Loving sharing my innovation knowledge and being outside of my confort zone, I developed other innovation enablers which can be of your interest:

    My mantra: "Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality" from Antoine de Saint Exupery


    Enjoy your visit, and don't hesitate to contact me if I there is anything I can do for you.


    With my best regards,

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  • "Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality"

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



    Le Temps: https://www.letemps.ch/economie/renens-teste-un-bus-microtransit-urbaintl: https:/...
    August 21, 2020
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    Champagnole, France

    Coach for Creativity Marathon


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    Renens, Switzerland

    Coach for Innovation by Design Challenge


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  • The minimum viable innovation lab book

    Learn the art to setup a successful corporate innovation lab in 90 days


    In less than 10 minutes, a on-demand public transport service at the price of a bus ticket to support you in your daily activities.

    Guide Me Yodli

    Your digital assistant to move by public transportation without stress during Lausanne2020 youth olympic games.


    A participative and ecological delivery service via public transport

    La Ruche tl

    As head of innovation, designing and implementing an innovation platform to explore today the mobility of tomorrow and diffuse an innovation culture for the public transportation of Lausanne

    Innovation Lab video

    2018 - Intrapreneurship

    Project manager : Menet Mathieu
    Pictures : Tom Reds'k Chevé & David Amouzegh
    Voice over :
    Laurent Beretta


    2018 - Intrapreneurship

    A Customer Relathionship Management tool powered by artificial intelligence

    Quelle Stratégie Pour Un Emploi

    2016 - Social innovation

    You best job search strategy identified in under a minute.

    Shape the future challenge

    2016 - Intrapreneurship

    The "Shape The Future" challenge recognizes LEMO's employees worldwide with entrepreneurial mindset and a strong desire to improve LEMO Group future with innovation and continuous improvement.


    2015 - Tech Innovation

    A "green alternative" to cadmium and Chrome VI plated connectors without compromising performances.


    2015 - Social Innovation

    A return to employment program which is 7 times faster than traditionnal method thanks to gamification, data technology and solidarity concepts embedded in a coaching program and a smartphone application.


    2014 - Intrapreneurship

    A new approach of open innovation inspired by the Montessori Education.


    2014 - Tech innovation

    SWISSBREEZE™ offers a mask solution to everyone for a healthy and safe breathe experience

    Fuck Le chômage !

    2014 - Social innovation

    A self-coaching book on job search inspired by my personal experience and seduction technics

    • My Role: writer
    • Results: more than 2'200 job seekers helped

    Innovation Task force

    2012 - Intrapreneurship

    Creation and implementation of a complete process and culture of innovation for the LEMO Group.

    • My Role: project manager
    • Results: innovation capability improved by 10%


    2011 - Social innovation

    2mois1job is a non-profit organization that accelerates return to employement and fight social insecurity by creating a fun, efficient and accessible job search experience

    • My Role: founder & president
    • Results: more than 2'200 job seekers helped

    Thesis on Pilot Induced Oscillations (P.I.O)


    Evaluation and validation of how useful and relevant the mathematical criteria are for the prediction of pilot-induced oscillation occurrences

    • My Role: project manager
    • Results: 2 criteria validated

    Improvement of boeing dashboard contactors


    Analysis, modification and reliability of the DISC product manufacturing process (BOEING dashboard contactor)

    • My Role: project manager
    • Results: Rejection rate reduced by 30%

    Study of Induction Wire-guidance


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