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The FlexiBus test is over

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After 6 intense weeks, the FlexiBus test ended on Saturday, October 10. The first results are very positive: with more than 1,465 registered customers, the enthusiasm far exceeds expectations.

In total, more than 2,834 passengers took the FlexiBus and travelled 6,948 km in the municipality of Renens. The service impressed with its simplicity and flexibility. Thanks to the application developed in collaboration with our partner Bestmile, customers were able to book their trip and see their FlexiBus arrive in real time.

The promise of a public transport service to the requested stop in less than 10 minutes was realized in 77% of the cases.

A detailed analysis is currently underway to define the possibilities for the deployment of FlexiBus.

Here is a wrap-up video on this test and a big thank you for contributing to the success of this on-demand public transport service, which is unique in French-speaking Switzerland.

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