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Next Generation Is Alive!

- Let us not raise our children to the world of today, this world will no longer exist when they are grown up, and there is no way of knowing which world will be theirs. So let us teach them to adapt.

Just three years ago, I discovered this quote from Maria Montessori thanks to my wife. Although this quotation dates back to the 1940s, it is still relevant. Even more nowadays.

It was also a real revelation for me. I made the decision to share my experience of innovation with as many people as I can so that everyone can adapt to the world of tomorrow.

After applying this doctrine to the world of business, I had the opportunity last week to "close the loop" by sharing my experience and by giving a training course on innovation to Masters' students of ENSMM.

An exceptional experience that allowed me to meet young people willing to change the world, all with a positive impact on society.


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