• The Minimum Viable Innovation Lab -2020

    Learn the art to setup a successful corporate innovation lab in 90 days

    Best innovation leaders not only know how to develop and launch great innovations on the market but they also put in place a system that makes innovation fast, repeatable, and scalable within their company. Is it easy? Definitely not. Does a silver bullet exist? Hell no! Every innovation lab should be different as every company is different. It requires a perfect mixt of knowledge and hands-on experiences so you could identify what perfectly fits your company culture and innovation maturity.


    But we don't live long enough to make all the mistakes that other innovation leaders made... That's when the Minimum Viable Innovation Lab book comes in. You'll benefit from an eight-year shortcut by discovering several practical and essential concepts and tools which work in all environments.


    The combination of these tools and learnings will teach you the art of setting up a successful innovation lab in no more than 90 days.

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      Fuck Le Chômage! - 2014

      43 days to make you find the job of your dreams

      In addition to being an innovative method that speeds up return to employment, Fuck Le Chômage is primarily the sharing of my experiences of job search.


      Through anecdotes and humor, Mathieu shares with the reader his experiences and tips to turn job search into a fun and efficient experience.


      This book has already helped more than 2'200 job seekers and it's a best seller in job search books.

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